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What You Get With PFRPA Direct


Now you can create your own global merch line within minutes for FREE! MILLIONS provides you a design team and concierge account manager to help design and build your brand with new merchandise.

You own the design! This is your brand!
We take care of inventory, fulfillment, shipping and customer support.
You approve your designs, set your prices and earn 100% of the profits you set.
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MILLIONS’ WatchStream Technology gives PFRPA members the ability to have their fans ”co-watch” sporting events with them. The WatchParty allows athletes to earn revenue through sponsorship (sponsored WatchParty), MILLIONS paid events or through setting a PPV amount for their fans to pay to attend.

We make it easy! MILLIONS will provide you a list of opportunities and you pick and choose what events to watch and host.
We pay you to go live and host the WatchParty.
Go live, have fun, get paid! Not sure what to say? Our team will sit in on the streams and help moderate and provide talking points.

Personalized Videos

With MILLIONS, you get the ability to offer personalized videos to your fans. You can set up this option as an Ask Me Anything, where your fans pay to ask you questions and you send personalized videos replying to their questions.

You set your prices and response times for both types of personal videos.
Only answer the requests you want to answer.
You can disable the feature whenever you don’t have the time or don’t want to do personal videos.
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Other Opportunities and FAQS

Not only does MILLIONS allow you to have all of these products to offer for FREE, but they will help market you! The MILLIONS team of advertisers and promoters will help create and run ads and campaigns to promote your merch, WatchParties and personal video products for your fans!
  • In partnership with PFRPA, MILLIONS provides an easy way to sign up. You can sign up on your own. It's like setting up any social media profile.


  • No, it’s free to join and create a profile. It’s free to launch your own merch line, do personal videos for fans and watch party events. You set your price and profits and earn 100% of that! MILLIONS adds a platform transaction fee to each transaction that the customer pays, and for WatchParties, MILLIONS will pay you to host them!

  • MILLIONS will do a payout via PayPal or bank transfer every 30 days, on the 15th of every month to members that have earned compensation.

  • You can pick and choose which products to offer on your profile. Not comfortable on video? Easy! Only focus on merchandise... Have a merchandise line somewhere else? Only offer video products. It's up to you!

  • Personal videos require a minimum of $1.00, but we can work with you to offer a promo code to your fans if you want to run a one-time promotion.

    Regarding free streams, YES! You can host a WatchParty where it is free to your fans and MILLIONS will pay you for hosting the stream.

  • Yes! MILLIONS has a program called Design Labs that is built out on the platform. It will show you some examples to pick from and then you'll have a dedicated concierge account manager and design team to work on your merch designs with you!

  • As much time as you want to dedicate! 

    MILLIONS made the platform very easy to use for you to take advantage of it, make a profile and promote yourself, but at the same time, we know you're busy. MILLIONS gives you a concierge service team to help make and manage your profile, your products and help market you so that you don't have to spend a lot of time. 

    Once you launch your profile MILLIONS will help take it from there! Just share posts and go live on the streams you set up.

  • No! You can host WatchParties for any sporting event. Want to watch a college basketball game, NASCAR, an NBA game, the Olympics, an MMA fight or something else? Go right ahead!